Our Athletes, Partners + Affiliates

Our Athletes 

Brandon Williams

Representing #98 on the field, Brandon Williams is a Defensive Tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. Weighing in at 336lbs and measuring 6'1, Mr. Williams is a prime example of a professional athlete that takes his recovery seriously. He started his career at the young age and quickly climbed the ladder of success within the sport. He later played at Missouri Southern State College, from which he transferred straight into the NFL in 2013, where he was drafted in the fourth round.

Caity Heap

Caity Heap has been playing soccer since she could walk, no surprise that she later claimed her fame as a professional athlete. She started on the varsity team at Mckinney Boyd High School, while also playing club with Sting '95. Following her graduation, Caity pursued her college career at Texas Tech, where she brought her team to winning the Big 12 Tournament. After college, Caity went straight into playing professionally for the Houston Dash, and later took her skills to Europe, where she played for teams like Sweden's Mallbackens, AC Sparta in Prague, as well as UMF Selfoss in Iceland. She learned from a young age how important recovery is to her career and performance as an athlete and hasn't looked back since. 


Our Partners

Lone Star Republic Soccer Club

LSR is a Dallas-based, semi-pro soccer club that was founded with the intention of bringing a more competitive opportunity to local soccer enthusiasts. Established in early 2020, LSR has quickly become an active part of the DFW soccer scene and has encouraged recreational growth for both men and women. The relationship between Thor's and LSR came about very organically, when Founder and CEO, Tyler Watterson started to see the importance of bringing recovery tools into practice for the non-professional athletic community. During both his active playtime and his off-the-field daily life, Tyler and his teams continue to prioritize their recovery, yielding continuously increasing performance all around. They are proud enthusiasts of their Thor's products and are excited to share their experience with the community.

Crossbar Soccer + Beer

Created for both fans and players alike, Crossbar was founded with every intention to extend the soccer community as much as possible. Whether you're there to watch, play, or train, the emphasis on promoting overall athletic involvement and general wellbeing is apparent the minute you walk through the door. That being said, Crossbar took things a step further when Thor's partner, Ayman Boutari became involved in the operation. Both Ayman and Taylor saw a gap in the market that almost all sports facilities lack - an open space for athletes and enthusiasts to recover properly and practice healthy habits. And thus, the 'God's Corner' was born; the first official 'Thor's Recovery Center' in the DFW Metroplex! 

United States Powerlifting Association 


The USPA is the leading powerlifting federation within the United States and was founded to provide education and consistent gym affiliation, while establishing a connected community that is all functioning for one main goal - to not only meet, but exceed their athletic potential everyday. Thor's partner, Steve Horwitz is a well-respected Doctor of Chiropractic within the DFW metroplex and an active member of the USPA community, who brought Thor's Hammer Recovery Solutions right to the board. Eager to encourage the wellbeing of their community, the USPA jumped immediately at the opportunity to foster a partnership between the two companies. The powerlifting community has always encouraged a healthy recovery regimen, and now with Thor's it makes it much easier to do so!


 Our Affiliates 

Marc Pro

Our affiliation with Marc Pro is something we take very seriously. Their EMS devices deliver some of the most effective recovery solutions on the market, paired with our vibration and percussion technology - these tools make for a dangerously dynamic duo. Marc Pro makes it easy to recover faster, perform at your best, and keep your body healthy and active for the future.