• As a wheelchair powerlifter, my shoulders get smoked by bench pressing and pushing my chair. I use Thor's Hammer every day and it works for me!

    Chance Dean

    Wheelchair Powerlifter

  • Growing up, I was always involved in sports, but never took my recovery as seriously as I should have. Coming into my career as a Professional Chef, taking care of my body properly has become much more important to me and Thor’s Hammer makes it particularly easy to do so. Not only is this tool innovative in its design and function, but it’s battery life and price point are superior amongst its competitors. Being on your feet all day everyday is taxing, but coming home to Thor’s Hammer leaves me feeling sufficiently recovered, recharged and ready to exceed my potential each day!

    Sophie Lynn

    Professional Chef

  • As a professional soldier I’ve been through the aches, pains, and hardships of intense training and field work. The type of stuff that has your body completely destroyed for weeks on end. After being released from service I still keep up some of the same types of workouts but what’s important is now there can be an emphasis on recovery. Thors Hammer really helps with this and I can tell you we would’ve all been ecstatic to have some of these in the unit. The tool has varying levels of intensity and is super durable. If you’re serious about your fitness and recovery, this a must have in your bag.

    Josh Lynn

    Special Forces Commander

  • I said "why did I take so long to get one. This is great for my recovery and my patients love it" "Oh, Yeah!! 'cause it is 400 bucks" As a practitioner, tools like this pay for themselves; but are still pricey. For less than the cost of a hypervolt you can get 2 Thor's Hammers. Trust me you will want more than one. ;) One for the clinic and one for you. If you are buying for personal use, $400- 500 is a big investment. Thor's hammer is less than half the cost of Hypervolt price. In my opinion it is even better. I still have my hypervolt (3 speeds 4 attachments) I still love it BUT ABSOLUTELY LOVE THOR'S HAMMER MORE! Thor has 20 speeds and 6 attachments. This has been key to my own workouts and recovery. I use it before, during, and after workouts. The soft attachment is great head to toe. I use on my knees, elbows, wrists and even my sinus and skull. Anywhere there is a bony part that a hard attachment is too much for....the soft attachment is key. It is an integral part of my recovery and a must in my gym bag. My wife or I will use it while watching TV. Since it is quiet it is not a disruption. While you don't need to push hard...let the tool do it's work, if you push hard on Thor's Hammer it does OK. If I push hard on the hypervolt it bogs out. I like the hand feel of Thor's hammer. It is lighter and quieter than hypervolt You don't have to be a health care practitioner or athlete to use Thor's Hammer. If you want to move well, feel well, and live is for you. Give it a try. I promise you will love it!

    Eric Shay


  • Ever since joining the Thor’s Hammer team, my recovery routine has been taken to the next level! I absolutely love the power that the massage gun has and the battery life is incredible. They really put thought into every detail of the packaging. From the average person to the fellow professional athletes, I highly recommend Thor’s Hammer!

    Caity Heap

    Professional Soccer Player