"Hammer Out the Pain!"

How We Started

Ayman sought care for an injury and he found Dr. Steve. The injury resolved quickly because of Ayman's already dialed in training and recovery habits. But there were still gaps to be filled. 

Ayman needed a tool he could use on a daily basis. He had tried massage devices, but was not happy with the quality of the products. And Dr. Steve had the same experience. 

Ayman reached out to his friend Taylor who had trained in MMA and was a successful business man. BOOM! Thor's Hammer RRS was born!

Our Mission

Pain sucks and recovery is hard. Getting through the day can be a challenge. Our medical system is not user friendly and does not educate patients on self care strategies.

Athletes spend a much greater proportion of their time recovering than they do in training. What are the best strategies for recovery?

Our mission is to educate and empower. What does the research say and what are individual user results? What will work best for you? We will do our best to guide you to the right answers for you. 

Taylor Gates

Born and raised in Dallas, TX. From a young age I always enjoyed starting little businesses here and there that I would run out of my house. I got a job at Domino's when I was 19 and quickly went on to run the entire franchise I worked for with 250 employees. This kickstarted my entrepreneurial career and we sold the 9 store company in 2020 when Covid started.
From there I started launching numerous businesses that I now own and operate out of Dallas. I linked up with my friend Ayman and Dr. Steve when they let me know how important the market of massage guns is and how people need to know about the benefits of this product. After getting educated, I bought in 100% and we launched Thor's Hammer RRS! 

Ayman Boutari

I started soccer at the age of 4. I played at the club and high school level throughout my career. Notably reaching the regional finals, Dallas cup final, state cup final, and 2x Classic League D1 champion. At the end of my high school road I quit soccer for 4 years to work and pay my own bills.
Since then, the love and passion for the game has reignited and I’ve been training for a comeback. I make my first trip to Europe in the coming weeks for professional tryouts and plan on making my mark. Without Thor’s Hammer RRS for my recovery, that wouldn’t be possible. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize the importance of recovery and my Thor’s Hammer RRS massage device is the center of that.

Dr. Steve Horwitz, DC

I'm a sports doc, a sports performance coach, and a Master's lifter. Recovery matters, especially for these old muscles. I've worked with athletes of all ages and even been on the U.S. Olympic Team Medical Staff for the 1996 Olympic Games. The biggest void I have seen in my 35+ years of practice is self care and recovery strategies. 

My own body has changed over the years due to several health challenges. Learning how to heal and recover has allowed me to not only get healthy, but continue to compete at a high level. I love the topic of recovery and want to share everything I learn with our tribe!