About Us

Recover Like A God

How We Started

Thor's Hammer RRS was started in Dallas, Texas where Ayman, Caity and Taylor entered a partnership in early 2021. With Ayman's perspective as an active athlete, Caity's experience as both a Professional Player + Coach, and Taylor's business mindset as a successful entrepreneur, the three of them decided to create a product that supports over-all health, accelerates recovery, and enhances performance - reigning superior amongst its competitors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and empower. The research has proven itself and with the proper tools, we know that everyone within the athletic community can not only meet, but exceed their potential. We know that recovery technology can get expensive, that's why we've focused our efforts on bringing our customers a quality product at a reasonable price. Everyone should have the ability to take care of their body and prioritize their wellbeing - with Thor's Hammer, it's a guarantee.

Ayman Boutari

I started soccer at the age of 4, and continued at the club and high school level throughout my career. Notably reaching the regional finals, Dallas cup final, State cup final, and 2x Classic League D1 champion. Since then, the love and passion for the game has only gotten stronger. Most recently I've traveled abroad for professional training camps and tryouts, where I readied myself for my current position with Dallas-based semi-pro team, LSR.

Without Thor’s Hammer for my recovery, none of that would be possible. As I've made my way through my career, I've always prioritized my recover and it truly has let me exceed my potential as an athlete. This was the biggest factor in my decision to join the Thor's team - I want to make a difference as an athlete. To educate people by giving them effective products that accelerate their recovery and empower them to prioritize their health.

Caity Heap

For me, soccer was always my priority growing up. I started playing at a very young age, excelling quickly in the sport quickly and constantly graduating from division to division. I played varsity at Mckinney Boyd high school, while simultaneously competing with Sting Soccer Club, claiming both National and State Championships. From there, I went straight to Texas Tech University, where we later won the Big 12 Tournament in my senior year. After graduating college, I went straight into playing professionally, signing with the Houston Dash for 2 consecutive years. I decided to take my talents overseas, where I continued my professional career for an additional 4 years playing for teams like Malbackens IF in Sweden, AC Sparta in Prague, and UMF Selfoss in Iceland. After Iceland, I retired from my professional career so I focus on coaching and business.

I met Ayman years ago within the soccer community and very quickly maintained a friendship. When he introduced me to Thor’s Hammer, I instantly fell in love and was eager to be involved as much as possible. I'm really grateful they saw so much in me and welcomed me as a partner within the company. As a former pro athlete, I was always wishing I had more access to recovery tools, so when I had the opportunity to become a partner within Thors, it was a no brainer for me!